Star is the protagonist of our story, albeit an unwilling one. He has a good heart, more or less, but he doesn't appreciate others trying to manipulate him. Sadly, he's turned out to be the legendary Hero of the Northlands, so manipulation is going to be a big part of his life. His prime motivators now are (in order of importance) locating and liberating his friend and pet George, making sure his father, Polaris, is safe, and getting the hell away from all human life, period. Incidently, he believes himself to be a polar bear. As to what he really is, well, that's a bit of a mystery. Recent events seem to indicate that not only does he possess great power, he may be a lot older than the scant four years it took him to grow up. He left with his Norse followers to track down the fleeing Atlantean army, and was separated from them during a storm conjured by an unknown Atlantean mage. Fortunately, Star is a master of disguise and adaption. Or so he likes to think.
Polaris can be summed up in two words; grumpy bear. Or, alternatively, Star's dad. Either of those fits. Star and Polaris were thrown together by chance, and Polaris was pretty reluctant to do anything but leave the kid for the wolves. But something about the tyke pulled at his heartstrings, and so today they're as happy as any father and son could hope to be. Well, they would be if they were together. Star left home awhile ago, but Polaris has had his own share of adventure. He was framed for murder, and had to work together with his friend Harv the penguin to clear his name. That being done, he now whiles away his time at the bowling alley or watching reruns with his new friends.
George, the reckless card-cutting daredevil kraken, has had a pretty rough couple of months. First, he followed his master and best friend, Star, away from their home and into the lands of the savage humans. There he was taken prisoner, and despite the occasional moments of hard-won freedom, he's spent most of his time in a cramped cage. But that doesn't make him any less determined to be reunited with Star. He's plotting his escape even now, since the chances of rescue are starting to seem...slim.
The very definition of a passively xenophobic martial-artist penguin, Harv has been pals with Polaris for years. Their friendship was put on hold when Polaris had to dedicate himself to raising a kid, but now they're back in full swing after solving a full-blown murder mystery. Harv seems to have a bit of a problem with non-penguins. Even his best pal Polaris isn't safe from his superiority complex. Nevertheless, Harv is a helpful and hard-working ally in this big world for those who earn his trust. But not for humans. Humans are evil.
Bert was a close friend to Polaris in years gone by. However, his attitude soured when he lost to Star and George at poker, putting him out by around two hundred bucks. Since then, he's been obsessed with getting revenge on Polaris. Clearly Bert isn't the most logical penguin in the world. He's spending his days in the Penguinian Institute for the Criminally Insane, which he used to own. My, how times change.
John is a mysterious master of Peng Fu that was once an enemy to Polaris and Harv. He switched sides, however, once he realized that his employer was messing with him. Now he's their friend. He's been training for years and is the best student at his Pengdojo. For some reason, he never takes off his black assassin's suit.
After being forced to attest against Polaris and subsequently being rescued by him and his friends, Maria has become the final member of the Fearsome Foursome. Rather than rely on ridiculously complex martial arts maneuvers or brute strength, Maria uses her good looks and charm to get out of nasty situations. Or she just learns to live with it.
Bunny slippers. That's all that really has to be said about Warren, but if forced to describe him further, I'd probably say he was a tad on the crazy side, but overall an okay guy. He doesn't even seem to mind being locked up in a mental hospital for the past twenty years of his life. Now that's what I call optimism. Or crazy. Either one of those.
While Warren is more or less an ordinary guy with strange habits, Jake is a borderline psychotic maniac who assumedly committed some heinous act of villainy in the past and has since been sent to the loony bin for it. Which is strange, since he just seems kind of shy and a little paranoid. Jake and Warren are inseperable friends.
Reginlief is pretty much the leading female. She's smart, strong, immortal, and not bad to look at either. She's the Headmistress of the Valkyries, and she works hard to keep things in order. She also works hard to keep Star from ruining the entire world with his indifference. She knows more about him than he knows about himself, but is apparently forbidden from sharing. Though the two don't seem to get along very well, since Star has left for lands that Reginlief can't travel, she's started to see things from his point of view, and realized that she must seem like something of a bitch. But she was only doing her job, right? Well, she's not about to let a little thing like her own feelings get in the way of her duty, so she's looking for ways to keep in touch with Star to make sure he doesn't screw up. Good luck!
Helga is a Valkyrie in training. She doesn't seem to possess the abilities of the other Valkyries, such as healing powers, a magical steed, sense, or capability, but she still tries hard and looks forward to the day when she'll be welcomed to the team in full. As part of her training, she plods about in the Northlands righting wrongs and protecting the innocent. So far she's been captured (twice), pushed out a window (once), generally ignored by those she tries to help (too many times to count), and sometimes she just breaks down into tears at the sheer mean-ness of it all.
Also known as the Reaper, Grim is the immortal being who sends the souls of the deceased on to the afterlife. He's very old, and was Reginlief's teacher many years ago. He also apparently knows a lot about Star. He's more than a little perverted, and seems to have a drinking problem. But since he doesn't have a body, both of these habits seem to make...not...sense. Or something. He carries a very large and intimidating axe, but he can't use it on the living, nor can he be seen by them.
Despite his occasional moments of complete incompetence, Bjarne is a born leader of men. He's strong, charismatic, and well-groomed. As a boy, he was raised on stories of great heroes and epic battles, and he took them to heart. As an adult and wealthy land owner, he dedicated himself to training great fighters and to locating an ancient artifact known only as the Silver Star. He also ended up thinking that he himself was the legendary Hero of the North. Almost got him killed. But he came through in the end. Now he's Star's most loyal follower, and he wields the sword of the Northking, which he has named Pride.
Olaf is Bjarne's right hand man. He's also his left hand man, his go-to guy, his employee of the month, etc. Bjarne can't seem to get his name right, though. But Olaf is usually too busy fighting Atlanteans to bother correcting him. He's a pretty good tactician as well, but as a sidekick, he rarely gets the credit he deserves.
You know Dasher and Dancer and Prancer and Vixen, Comet and Cupid and Donner and Blitzen, but Torch is a fire giant so none of those reindeer are relevant. Unless he was hungry or something. Then they'd come in handy. Torch is pretty stupid, even by giant standards. He's the former guardian of the Sacred Grotto, but now he just follows the good guys around and throws fire at anything that gets him mad. He's gone berserk a couple of times, but we still like him.
Artirus is the Lord of Atlantis, and Star's worst enemy. He's a capable leader and an amazing swordsman, but he seems to be surrounded by people he hates. First there's all his enemies, like Star, Bjarne, and George. Then there's Glaucus, who messes up all his plans, Bryus, who treats him like a puppet, and Gary, who shows him up at every given opportunity. It's really no wonder that Artirus occasionally feels the need to lash out. He's been having a really rough time of it lately, having been evicted from the Northlands and stabbed by a kraken, but I don't think he's about to throw in the towel any time soon.
The mysterious Oracle of Atlantis. Not much is known about him, except that he can see the future and that he wields powerful magic. Is he really the controlling force behind Artirus? Is he playing a double game? Does he wear underpants under that robe? We may never know...but then again, maybe we will.
In life, Glaucus was an Atlantean Council member chosen to spearhead the quest to eliminate the threat growing in the Northlands. In death, he is much better liked and far less of a hindrance to Artirus. Glaucus is the one who got Star peeved with the Atlanteans, the one who krakennapped George, the one that screwed up Artirus' plan to crush the Norse resistance...People thanked Star for blasting his head off.
Gary is another mysterious character. He's a ninja from way out east that became indebted to Atlantis when their Oracle saved him and his sister from a watery doom. He's kind of grumpy. I mean, as a ninja he's so fast he sees everything about ten seconds before it happens, so there's not a lot of surprise left in his life. All he really cares about is his sister and his family honour. Well, he seems to like showing Artirus up too.
Pallus was a no-name Atlantean soldier in the Northlands, but now he's unique in that he's the only human who can talk to penguins. Mostly because the penguins got sick of acting like dumb animals around him, and decided to act arrogant and superior instead. Now he's worried about what happened to his friends. Have they been devoured by trolls? Have they neglected his flower garden? Well, he's intent on finding out.
"Shadow" Star
Who is this mysterious shadow? Where did he come from? What is his purpose? Nobody knows. All he seems to do, really, is relax outside the timeline while everyone else is trying not to get killed. He supposedly has a vast store of information at his disposal, but he won't share any of it. Well, none of the useful stuff, anyway.
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