This is a small gallery to display any old thing that I happen to create while procrastinating on the comic. Some are comic-related, and some are not. Resized images can be clicked to view the full-size.

Here are two large GIR sprites. Invader Zim is one of my favourite cartoons, and GIR is clearly the greatest robot ever.

Here's two pages of creatures from Magi-Nation, which is a CCG that I used to like, but couldn't find anyone to play against. I still like the art style though, so check out the site if you want to see what these are based off of.

These are some popular Nintendo characters rendered into my own style. Link, Ganondorf, and SamsuX2.

This is the entire cast of Tales of Symphonia, a very cool (and long) RPG. Some of the hair is sloppy, but some is really good and maybe worth reusing somewhere in the comic.

A guy asked me to draw a sprite of this character of his, named Michy, and it turned out very well. Please note that if it was up to me, she'd be wearing pants.

This is the most adorable kitty ever. 'Nuff said.

Here are some little banners that I put into my signature on any forum I happen to frequent. Anyone can use these to link to my comic if they want. In fact, I encourage it.

"You know you're a Viking when..." I think these would be cool on t-shirts. Or on anything, in fact. You know you're a Viking when you own something that says you know you're a Viking.

I did this guest comic for a friend. If she ever actually starts her comic I'll provide a link. Anyway, the premise is that most of the characters like to steal their boss' coffee mug, so then I wondered what would happen if the coffee-dependent supervisor finally snapped.

Oh snap! It's the terrible filler!

What if Once Upon a Star was more like the Wizard of Oz? Well that'd be Once Upon an Oz, now, wouldn't it?

Here's a nice Northern Pride wallpaper for anyone that might want to use it. Like me.

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